Case Study Lucky Strike

Aluminum Cut Out Parts Applying Lucky Strike Letter Distressed painting Technique Lucky Strike Letter Distressed painting Technique Lucky Strike Logo Lit up inside Lucky Strike outside entrance at night

Lucky Strike

  • Client: Lucky Strike San Fransico, CA

  • Date: December - 2011

  • Skills: Sign Design, Graphic Design, Finishes, Fabrication

Lucky Strike Lanes in San Francisco, CA is the latest in a line of locations that Jack Stone Signs has been invloved with, and no two locations have been the same regarding signage. Along with the entrance sign, Jack Stone Signs was asked to create a new style of illuminated exterior displays with a custom finish. The same distressed finish was represented on two sets of interior letters hovering above the lanes.

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Jack Stone Signs has been the principal provider of exterior signage for Lucky Strike venues at various locations in many different states since 2005.

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Jim Parker,
Lucky Strike Lanes

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